"The groundwork of all happiness
 is good health."

-Leigh Hunt
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Elite Massage Therapy

        Massage therapy is a wonderful way to relieve tired, achy muscles,   de-stress, and bring the body back to a comfortable state of functionality. 

       No longer viewed as a luxury, many people now incorporate regular                massage into their health regimens as a preventative approach

                       to withstand illnesses and maintain great health. 

Sessions are by appointment only.

Every massage is a FULL 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes (given the client arrives on time for their appointment).

New clients should arrive a few minutes prior to their session to complete a short medical form.

Communication with your therapist is very important.  If you are uncomfortable at any time during your session (pressure, temperature, music, lighting, etc), please let the therapist know.

If a session needs to be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason, please notify the therapist as soon as possible.

It is imperative to drink plenty of water prior to your massage as well as after.  Staying hydrated will allow the therapist to comfortably apply more pressure to the muscles and prevent or reduce some of the exercise-type soreness that may occur following a session. 
(To determine how much water you should drink:  Take your total weight in pounds, divide it in half. That is the average number of ounces you should be consuming daily)

*There are over 80 massage modalities.  Please check with your therapist to see if they are proficient in the type of massage you are seeking prior to your session.

30 Minutes    $25
1 Hour             $50
1.5 Hours        $70
2 Hours           $100