"The groundwork of all happiness
 is good health."

-Leigh Hunt
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Elite Massage Therapy

Reflexology is based on the premise

that every part of the body, inside and out, has a corresponding spot on the feet, hands, and ears. With a specific thumb and finger technique, the goal of Reflexology is to guide the body back to homeostasis (a state of equilibrium and balance).

A reflexology session on the hands, feet, ears, and scalp is just as relaxing and therapeutic as a whole body massage, if not more.  Reflexology is a highly detoxifying modality and is considered to be a "recalibration" of both mind and bodyDuring a session the client usually experiences a heightened state of relaxation, often drifting into a deep sleepIt is important that the client drink plenty of water following their session and an Epsom salt bath is highly recommended.
*Due to the heightened state of relaxation, some clients have reported a lack of concentration following their appointment; therefore, sessions should be scheduled accordingly. 

Common benefits of a Reflexology session

*A deeply relaxing and therapeutic effect due to the release of endorphins.

*This effect can increase the rest and digest response increasing peristaltic action in the digestive system.

*Release of the mucous membranes; sinuses draining, clients may cough up mucous if lung congestion is present

*Tension in the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, sciatic, and spine may dissipate

*Reduced swelling and increased range of motion in the feet and lower limbs



*Thrombosis (blood clots)

*Acute inflammation of the venous and lymphatic systems

*Paralysis of the feet


*High risk pregnancy

*Extensive athlete's foot

*Advanced diabetes